Freshmen Connection Program


Freshmen Connection Program - Live Learn Connect

The University View’s Freshman Connection Program – Live Learn Connect – Provides an off campus living environment and program that simulates the experience of on campus living for a student’s freshman year. Modeled after the traditional resident hall (dorm) programming and community building, the University View presents Orientation, Roommate Matching, Roommate Agreement Forms, Bus Schedule, Resource Center, Educational and Social Programming, Health and Wellness Programs, co-sponsored events with The University of Maryland, online student portal, Community Assistants, and a Director of Residence Life to oversee the program. Within University View I and focused on the 4th and 5th floors, The View offers a first year living experience unmatched by any other off-campus entity. It was created because living should be inclusive and convenient for all students new to College Park! We want to help make your freshman living experience more than expected.