Welcome Parents!

Students have voted us the "Best Place to Live Off Campus" in the University of Maryland Diamondback for four years in a row because we're constantly working on improvements to elevate their living experience. We believe living should be comfortable and easy, that why we sweat the details each day and help students find the best balance to LIVE-LEARN-CONNECT.

Safety First - We can't make the world a perfect place, but we've invested considerably more than other complexes in security with state of the art controlled access points, cameras, trained guards (24/7), and thorough lighting all of which add up to heightened peace of mind.

Efficiency - Students are the most active demographic group, therefore utility use is greater than that in other housing so we've worked with utility companies to lock in lower rates to save our residents money. The brick and concrete structure and efficient HVAC systems and appliances are also very important in controlling expenses.

Maintenance - When our students were surveyed, our team beat the lofty national Kingsley benchmark for student housing. In other words, our residents recognize the effort that goes into making the building stay like new.

Study -To help facilitate group projects, club meetings or individual endeavors, University View has 10 wi-fi enabled study rooms so there is always a quiet place to hide away and focus on studies.

Computers -University View maintains two fully equipped business centers with both Apple and Dell computers; each center equipped with printer stations which allow students to print color or black and white wirelessly from the comfort of your rooms or study area.

Community Assistants  - Who better to understand students' needs and concerns than a fellow student? We employ 16 current University of Maryland students as Resident Assistants who are there to help your child with questions or issues whenever they need.

Honor Roll -University View fosters learning through an annual scholarship with the Parents Association. Additionally, incentives such as peer recognition and gift certificates are awarded for maintaining a high GPA.

Fitness Classes - Residents at The View now have the option of taking fitness classes at our world-class facilities. Staying healthy is easier than ever with us!

Resident Life -Through tailored group events, our Community Assistants and amenities such as fitness classes right on site, University View provides networking opportunities for residents to get to know fellow students and build relationships outside of their majors/classrooms.

Technology -Virtually every transaction can be handled online which allows us to keep working for students and parents 24-7. University View maintains a powerful and evolving website so that we don't waste the one thing most precious to parents and students alike.....time.

Charity -Residents here at The View have the opportunity to participate in charity events as much or as little as they wish. We are involved with Best Buddies, Booker T. Washington, and other charities throughout the year to stay involved and give back to the community.

Wi-Fi -University View has connectivity virtually everywhere and the highest speed wi-fi of any student housing building off campus.

Location -Even though we're off campus, we're only steps away with a path and pedestrian bridge behind our building as well as a dedicated shuttle bus to make it easier for students to get safely to and from class. We also have easy access to retail, food and whatever else your child may need!

What's Your View? Did you Know?

The University View always provides an open door and open mind for residents to voice questions, opinions, concerns, or requests. You can speak with someone from our management team 5 days a week about anything concerning your experience at the View. Whether you are having trouble with your roommates, the community, the building, or you just want to make a suggestion our management team is ready to listen. We want your living experience to be comfortable and easy, that’s why we are always in pursuit of continuing to be the premier off-campus student housing destination. We want to know your point of View! Just stop by anytime between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday to speak with a member of our management team about any issue you feel needs to be addressed. If you would like to set up an appointment or report something anonymously you can also call the office at 301-220-0951.